The Making of Velveteen and inner/space

Soreng Theater
Sunday, March 17, 2019 at 4 pm
$20-$22.50; college, youth and senior discounts available
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Presented by Bounce Gymnastics and Circus Arts Center

The Making of Velveteen by A New Normal invites the audience to witness the trials and tribulations of making a circus production. The show tells the story of a fledgling company trying to make its first full length show. It's harder to tell a simple story than you might think. Built on the themes presented by "The Velveteen Rabbit", ANN gives a firsthand look at the toll and dubious morality of loving something into reality.

inner/space by Zenith Aerial Arts will take you on a journey to the outermost reaches of unexplored space and delve into the depths of the human capacity for curiosity, joy, loneliness, and solace. The second production from Bounce Gymnastics’ in house pre-professional company follows the journey of a starry-eyed youth as they live their dream and explore space. This is a trip like no other, an interstellar aerial expedition with sights beyond their wildest dreams. But such dreams come at a cost. This is a one-way ticket. This work of contemporary circus theater takes us out of the big top and into the big empty, only to find it fuller than we imagined.

A student performance.


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