The Lonely - Celebrating the Music of Roy Orbison

Soreng Theater
Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 8 pm
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Presented by Rock.It Boy Entertainment

The Big O was unmistakable with his trademark sunglasses, distinctive, powerful voice, and dark emotional ballads. His voice, bridging the gap between baritone and tenor, coupled with his signature arrangements ensured the charting of hits “Only The Lonely”, “Crying”, “Oh, Pretty Woman”, “Dream Baby”, “Ooby Dooby”, “Blue Angel”, “Blue Bayou”, “You Got It” and “In Dreams”. Mike Demers delivers a spot-on performance of Orbison’s signature sound.

As part of THE TRAVELING WILBURYS Orbison brought us “End of the Line”, “Handle With Care” and “You're Not Alone Anymore”. Orbison pitched “Claudette” to The Everly Brothers. The track was a co-number one with the Everlys’ “All I Have to Do is Dream”. THE LONELY delivers their single biggest hit “Cathy’s Clown” in a stellar performance.

THE LONELY delivers a sensitive and dynamic tribute to the one and only Roy Orbison plus the hits of The Traveling Wilburys and The Everly Brothers along with other classics of the period. Veteran Mike Demers leads this group of musical journeymen in their mutual and deep appreciation of the timeless music of an era. THE LONELY approaches the music with a humble spirit and sincere desire to recreate the sounds and feel of the original recordings. The band has been selling out shows right from their debut.

Regarding THE LONELY Cliff and Ann Wilder of Tumwater, WA exclaim, “WOW!!! Just...WOW!!! Thanks for the FANTASTIC MEMORIES!!!” Owen Rizzo adds, “Great Show! You truly embody the spirit of Roy Orbison; one of the greatest shows I have ever seen!” Roger Digou declares, “A triumphant performance! We were blown away by your vocals, the fantastic musicianship, and the harmony.” And, Brian Miller of concludes, “A seamless recreation with great dynamic range, deep feeling and a stellar band. There are hundreds of tribute bands out there, but not many compete with The Lonely”.

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